School of Thought - "AI Academy"​

Education is a form of absorbing and inculcating knowledge, of which learning is an integral part. Over the years, education has evolved into a system and has been organized and re-written innumerable times to a point where it has now it is majorly constrained to classroom teaching focused on academic learning.

We are pleased to announce that the “AI Academy Scarborough” designed by Jumbo Globe Limited awarded the “Editor’s Choice” by UNI.


Design Concept

Since the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy in Canada since 2017, the AI and Technology industry is booming in Toronto, which demands huge population of future researchers and expertise in this field. Positioning as an AI vocational school, our school not only aims to provide education to students, but also to play a part in the regional scale industry’s ecosystem – the school would collaborate with private sectors in a form of idea exchange and enlightenment, which could turn theories into commercial practise and contributes to the national AI development. The key element for such a diverse learning program is to be flexible, adaptive and multi-functional, which leads to a boundaryless design. Traditional classroom is redundant as students can learn by experiences and digital tools with spaces to develop creativity and collaboration. Read more

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