Sustainability and innovation are the key elements in our design process. JG Design understands our clients, end-users, and communities’ needs. Create buildings that work well on every scale, from its interior to its impact on the community.

Interior Design

Our projects range from offices, stores, mixed-use facilities, hotels, academic and civic buildings, providing an efficient design solution for both clients and the users. We design interior spaces for both leisure and workspace inevitable to people’s life.

Landscape Design

Our landscape design is to reveal the sense of place with a focus on long-term sustainability and strengthening the relationship between the cultural, social, and natural environment of the site.

Master Planning

We serve the new urban districts and developments globally to nurture a community that would sustain itself in the long term. In redevelopment, we also study the district area, from the surrounding area environment to the history of the place, to develop a plan that will benefit the whole community.

Building Service

JG Design work with clients across multiple disciplines collaboration. We accommodate core engineering services with specialty expertise to achieve higher levels of performance, efficiency, safety and reduce construction and operating costs.

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