Guangzhou Haizhu New City J-Land

Location: Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

GFA: 71,368 m2

Service: Architecture

Guangzhou Haizhu New City J-Land, strategically located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area, the old town and new city seamlessly complement each other through a meticulously developed planning approach. The Lingnan riverfront village culture, rooted in the Pearl River and nurtured by ancient temples, exudes the essence of the region’s rich heritage and contemporary vitality.

The project endeavors to infuse the community with environmental, ecological, and low-density features through a highly efficient master planning approach. With a modernistic outlook, the project offers a new waterfront retail experience that embraces the site’s unique characteristics, namely, the ancient ecology and historical values.

Jumbo Globe’s team is dedicated to creating a new and vibrant neighborhood in the Lijiao area of Guangzhou by integrating new cultural, artistic, retail, and dining experiences. We recognize the immense potential for development in the area and have introduced a flexible architectural layout plan that can accommodate the rapid growth of the city. Through careful consideration of the surrounding resources, our project aims to enhance long-term value and promote sustainable development.

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved – Jumbo Globe Limited  |  Privacy Policy