Zhangjiawan Innovation Centre

This is a city renovation project. The town was planned to be the initial smart town in the city with emphasizing the scenes of the future and technology. The modern canopy covers the entire park. With the idea of flowing clouds, rivers, and mountains, we combine the concept of natural beauty and develop streamlined sky curtain designs. The canopy is equipped with high-end technological systems, including solar panels and a display screen for projection. All the elements are chosen to form a feeling of living in the future in here.

With the implementation of 5G+ and IOT network, as well as smart sensors and interactive installations integrated into facilities, our team makes the project fulfill the conditions for Web 3.0. Digital RMB can be used for retail, rent and utility bill payments throughout Design Town. Public service centre in metaverse could help the admission process and other review processes for innovative technology companies faster and easier. “Meta Design Week”, “Meta Tech Festival” and other virtual events extended from major physical exhibitions can attract and gather talents nationalwide to worldwide from innovative techonology and design industry. Nothing the less, our team hopes to bring the idea of “Read, write, own” from Web 3.0 to our design, to break the “Read-only” Design Town into a place where everyone can interactive with all the facilities, own the NFT of the facilities and trade. The digital economy ecosystem in Design Town will be well developed.

Location : Beijing
Project Type : Renovation
Site Area : 150,000m²
GFA : 245,000m²
Service : Architecture 

▼ Innovation Centre Entrance

▼ Building Façade

Connecting different areas of the town, the canopy covers the whole innovation center. Based on the clouds and mountains’ natural form, the canopy includes three main parts: solar panels, fiber curtain walls, and horizontal stripes creating a multi-level three-dimensional canopy.

▼ Technology Plaza

Extend from the canopy, there are high-tech display monitors embed in the fiber curtain wall to the ground. It can be used for advertisement placing an outdoor show visualization. The giant monitor gives a great visual impact to the user.

▼ Arts Plaza

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