Regal Villa Landscape Project

Since ancient times, the Chinese culture has used circles to represent the universe and infinity. A circle has countless axes of symmetry and infinite possibilities. With the essence of circles, the overall planning and architectural design are based on different combinations of circles as the main concept. Circles are used as the lanes and the boundaries for different areas. The landscape design cooperates with the overall environment and uses different circle combinations to bring endless and changeable spaces to the community. In addition to aesthetics, the design has also take into account the variety of functionality such as clubhouse, central lawn, outdoor activity zone, children’s play area, outdoor swimming pool, outdoor barbecue family pods, etc. There is also a glasshouse at the center of the entire layout, which becomes the highlight of the landscape. The green plants are mainly composed of shrubs, with red, green, and purple as the main tones, and are complemented by olive trees and white orchid trees to increase the privacy of each area.

Location : Guangzhou
Project Type : Residential
Site Area : 152,922m²
Service : Landscape Design
Status : To be construction
Completion : Q4 2022 

▼ Club House Entrance Pavilion

▼ Outdoor Swimming Pool

The clubhouse and the swimming pools are closely connected. There are respectively a circle shape main swimming pool, a children’s paddling pool, a jacuzzi and a sunbathing wooden platforms.

▼ Central Lawn Glass House

Located at the center point of the entire layout, the glasshouse forms a contrast with the facade of the residence. The signature vertical branches and the art bubbles installation inside the glasshouse of becomes the highlight of the project.

▼ Resident Garden

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