Wangjing Kirin Place

The Kirin place is a mixed-use development consisting of a shopping mall and residential with over 10 years of history and it is going to be transformed into a young and energetic place for nightlife. Enhancing the atmosphere by installing skatepark, live performance stage, and refurbishing the F& B street to create the best leisure and social space in the Wangjing District.

To accommodate the height difference between the entrance and the shopping mall, the designer used a sunken plaza to connect spaces. It provides a stage for live performances and a place to gather people. Two kirin tree sculptures that symbolize good luck and happiness are set next to the live band stage that creates a social media-worthy place and increases the rental income. 

Location : Beijing China
Project Type : Shopping Mall
Site Area : 31,140m²
Service : Landscape Design
Status : Under construction
Completion : Q2 2022 

▼ The Kirin Place East Plaza

▼ Staking Display Zone

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