Guangzhou Junjing North Shopping Centre

Location: Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

GFA: 358,000 m2

Service: Landscape, Interior Design

This Guangzhou shopping mall renovation concept project will feature cutting-edge metaverse technology to create an immersive and entertaining shopping experience. The interior, exterior and landscape of the mall will be transformed, featuring diverse scenes to captivate visitors. The entrance will feature a giant LED screen, serving as a gateway to the exciting adventure that awaits inside. Inspired by “Avatar,” the atrium will include floating rocks and fiber optic plants, creating a futuristic atmosphere reminiscent of Pandora.

The street block on the ground floor will also undergo a complete adjustment, providing a brand new commercial experience. The street block’s LED media art wall and dynamic building facade will create a flexible and versatile appearance. The street block’s setting will form an open international fashion commercial space, and the forest path and High Line Park will feature new metaverse elements such as sky domes, interactive projections, smart emotion lighting, creating a futuristic and visually stunning Fluorescent Forest.

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