Timor King Villa

A unique design method is adopted to the Timor King Villa to ensure full use of the landscape resource. A semi-basement with ceiling windows is designed to accommodate the terrain characteristics around. With skylights and high side windows are designed, not only solves the problem of ventilation and lighting but also can be designed into multifunctional rooms according to the needs of the owner.

Taking European noble manor as the blueprint integrate modern design as the main architectural style of the project. With classical European architectural style, the interior also designs with luxurious and all-rounded facilities.

With the luxury design, the property management service also implements the highest standard, providing the owners with 24/7, all-around services: business travel services, meal delivery services, housekeeping services, secretarial services, and pick-ups services.

Location: Guangzhou
Project Type: Residential
Internal Area:  562m²
Year: 2021
Service: Interior Design
Completion : Q4 2023 

The interior design idea comes from the tycoon in the good old time with the element of jade. Adding classical, elegant decorations into the design to enhance the overall atmosphere, creating such a luxurious and romantic space.

▼ Massage area, Basement 2

Different from the basement, the main tone of family living area is designed with comfort. As the project is positioned as a large-scale urban semi-mountain villa, surrounded by green features and nature landscape resources, the design aims the bring the green element into living area.

▼ Master Bedroom

▼Master Bathroom

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