Beijing Chaoyang Hopson One Landscape

Built in 2017, Hopson One is a mixed-used complex located at the connection point of two major subway lines in Chaoyang District in Beijing, China. As one of the most prominent shopping centres in Shuangjing Subdistrict, Hopson One is soon to be renovated with new uses, accelerating new local development plans in building the ecosystem of digital economy, building a “metaverse community” interactively merging physical reality with virtual reality. 

Jumbo Globe’s futuristic concepts and innovative design are going to help shape the future of Shuangjing Subdistrict, introducing new application scenarios into reality, providing an innovative and sustainable solution for the commercial landscape renovation project.

JG’s solution satisfies the needs of subdistrict development, shopping centre’s repositioning, as well as residents in Shuangjing Subdistrict. It further strengthens and contributes to the development plan of building a Digtial Community by the local government, improving the digital economy development, activating the subdistrict and the commercial centre.

Location: Chaoyang CBD, Beijing, China

Project Type: Landscape Upgrading, Renovation

Appointment: 2021

Metaverse and Digital Economy

Outdoor Retail Increase ⬆ 917.2 m²

Market Space Increase ⬆ 116.4 m²

Jumbo Globe’s creative zoning strategy guides customers from two major subway exits and several drop off areas into two customer flow circulations surrounding the mall.

One circulation is extended from the original outdoor customer flow with increased restaurant outdoor seating area, bringing new interactive installations, outdoor retail space for pop-ups and events, providing immersive digital experience for customers, helping accelerate the digital economy development of Shuangjing Subdistrict, and providing new potential spaces for metaverse events in the future.

The other circulation is newly created surrounding the office tower, guiding customers from the drop off area on the main street or through the newly designed corridor, into a new outdoor market zone, which was originally part of the outdoor parking area.

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