MUSE Design Awards 2023

Jumbo Globe is thrilled to announce that our Guangzhou Haizhu New City J-Land project has won the highest honor, the Platinum Winner, in the 2023 MUSE Design Awards. At the same time, Jumbo Globe’s Xi’an Nanmen Hopson One Renovation, Chengdu Gaoxin Hopson Mall, and Guangzhou Regal Villa Landscape have been awarded Gold Winner in the MUSE Design Awards.

Once again, Jumbo Globe’s architecture, interior design, and landscape design projects have showcased our strength on the international stage. In the first round of judging for the 2023 MUSE Design Awards, we have won one Platinum Award and three Gold Awards. Congratulations once again to our design teams! 

Guangzhou Haizhu New City J-Land

Guangzhou Haizhu New City J-Land, strategically located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area, the old town and new city seamlessly complement each other through a meticulously developed planning approach. The Lingnan riverfront village culture, rooted in the Pearl River and nurtured by ancient temples, exudes the essence of the region’s rich heritage and contemporary vitality.

The project endeavors to infuse the community with environmental, ecological, and low-density features through a highly efficient master planning approach. With a modernistic outlook, the project offers a new waterfront retail experience that embraces the site’s unique characteristics, namely, the ancient ecology and historical values.

Jumbo Globe’s team is dedicated to creating a new and vibrant neighborhood in the Lijiao area of Guangzhou by integrating new cultural, artistic, retail, and dining experiences. We recognize the immense potential for development in the area and have introduced a flexible architectural layout plan that can accommodate the rapid growth of the city. Through careful consideration of the surrounding resources, our project aims to enhance long-term value and promote sustainable development.

Chengdu Gaoxin Hopson Mall

Chengdu Gaoxin Hopson Mall is located in the heart of the Gaoxin District in Chengdu, surrounded by the serene Zhonghe Wetland Park and several large-scale residential communities. Serving as a shopping center for the bustling Shengshijiayuan Neighborhood, the mall is set to become one of the primary large-scale shopping centers in the Zhonghe area once its renovation project is completed. Jumbo Globe’s team has collaborated with our client to transform the shopping center into a dynamic, versatile, and high-quality commercial landmark, infusing the Zhonghe area with fresh commercial vigor and catering to the expanding commercial consumption needs of the surrounding large community population.

Jumbo Globe’s commercial interior design team has created a warm, natural, and modern interior design for Chengdu Gaoxin Hopson Mall, providing a friendly atmosphere for customers. The spacious shopping center atrium features bright green and warm tones to welcome customers from different entrances, creating a fresh and comfortable ambiance that leaves a young and vibrant first impression on shoppers. The team used green glass finishes on multiple escalators in the atrium, adding an interesting and energetic touch to the mall’s interior design while also attracting customers to explore higher floors, ultimately increasing the value of the mall’s tenants.

Guangzhou Regal Villa

For centuries, China has viewed the circle as a representation of the heavens and the infinite. The circle boasts innumerable axes of symmetry and boundless potential, which are transformed into endless spatial possibilities. The core philosophy of the architectural planning and design for Phase III of the Guangzhou Regal Villa is centered on a circular layout. The landscape design project expands upon this circular concept, introducing dynamic elements to infuse the overall project with more life and a greater range of possibilities.

The architectural design and overall planning of the community is centered around the use of circles in different combinations. These circles serve as the primary concept for the lanes and the division of various areas. Our landscape design team has taken into consideration the overall environment and has utilized the essence of circles to create endless possibilities for the community’s spaces. In addition to aesthetics, the landscape team has also considered the practical use of the space. This includes various facilities such as a clubhouse, a leisure lawn, an outdoor dynamic area, a children’s playground, an outdoor swimming pool, and a family barbecue area. At the heart of the layout lies a sunlit glass house, which becomes the focal point of the entire landscape design. The selection of greenery primarily consists of boxwood, with the main tones being red, green, and purple. Olive trees, white magnolias, and other plants have also been added to increase privacy in each area. Overall, the community’s design offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. It provides a harmonious and vibrant environment for the residents to relax, play, and socialize in.

Xi’an Nanmen Hopson One

Xi’an Nanmen Hopson One is a mixed-use development located in the heart of Xi’an, offering a unique blend of shopping, dining, youth culture, and digital art. It’s just a 5-minute walk away from Yongning Gate (Nanmen), one of the oldest gates built during the early Sui Dynasty.

Jumbo Globe was commissioned by Hopson Commercial to renovate the building’s façade. Our design embraces Xi’an’s local history and spirit, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the Xi’an Ancient City Wall to create a contemporary lifestyle experience that enhances the Nanmen business circle. We successfully transformed the old, bulky façade into a new, modern design that is visually pleasing. By incorporating a smart LED lighting system and glass windows with varying levels of transparency, we created a stunning dynamic light effect that reduces the sense of heaviness of the old architectural volume, making the shopping centre more vibrant and appealing.

About MUSE Design Awards

MUSE Design Awards is an international creative award that honors outstanding achievements. With strict evaluation criteria, this award recognizes individuals and companies who exhibit exceptional performance through excellent design and creativity. The judging panel of the MUSE Design Awards is composed of top design experts and industry professionals from around the world. It is an important platform for showcasing innovation and creativity, bringing extensive international exposure and media attention to the winners.

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved – Jumbo Globe Limited  |  Privacy Policy