2022 RIBA 10 Best City in Metaverse

After 50 creation days and 380 valid votes from 40 cross-border judges, we’re delighted to announce that our H-Node metaverse city concept project wins a 2022 RIBA 10 Best City in Metaverse at 2022 Metaverse Design Idea Festival.

Find out more and watch our project video now: https://bit.ly/3eO98rv (Chinese version)

Led by REMAC TY and supported by RIBA via RIBA Business Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. this festival is committed to open up a new space for every existing city in the metaverse, exploring the possibility of cultural extension in the digital world, and further promoting “My City” from both reality and virtuality. This project solicits conceptual design proposals related to future cities and urban cultural life from artists and designers around the world. Praise the city we love, and at the same time look to the future, reflect the forward-looking and creativity of contemporary young designers, and increase the attention of the crowd in the large design industry chain through online and offline publicity.

The project explores the transformation of the city morphology in the past, present and future through metaverse experience. While duplicating the changes of the social urban form, the metaverse itself also stores the unique conscious memory of the city in various time interval.

The weightless city receptors are scattered in various district of the city, which are not only the entrance to the Metaverse, but also the time-space recorder of the city. That receptors are directly connected to the main data centre in the centre of Victoria Harbour, where providing the virtual space for experiencing the morphological city tour and enhance community interaction.

Space-time intervals are the fundamental components of conscious experience. The urban space and conscious memory of human being changing over time, providing a special meaning to the city.

The positions of the past, present and future on the time axis reflect the changes and development of urban spaces.

The past conscious memory of human being in urban space gradually precipitates while the present awareness of urban space is constantly derived, which resulting the prospects for the future of urban spaces.

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