Plant & You Green Activity

Besides being committed to promoting green building design that is environmentally responsible, Jumbo globe is also dedicated to promoting green office culture. We joined the “Plant & You” green activity organized by “The Centre” and Saville . The campaign aims to encourage recycling office daily waste by rewarding the participants with a snake plant.

Snake Plant

Perfect for houseplant newbies and office, snake plants require little special attention—give it a drink from your water bottle on it on your way out the door on Friday and enjoy this slow-growing desk plant.

Office plants increase happiness and productivity

Several studies have demonstrated the ability of plants can reduce stress and increase productivity. Office greenery and workplace happiness and productivity go together because of our appreciation for nature, the power of attention stimuli. 

Environmentally Friendly Office Measures in JG

  • Air-conditioner temperature maintained at between 23-25 degrees Celsius.
  • Paper printed on one side is reused for printing, while paper printed on both sides is recycled.
  • Environmental protection, energy saving and green office information is displayed on the notice board for employees to read.
  • Smart energy saving and motion detection system in meeting rooms.

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