MUSE Design Awards 2023 Second Round

We are thrilled to share that Jumbo Globe has received top honours in the 2023 MUSE Design Awards. Our Chengdu Tianfu Mixed-use Project Concept Design and Beijing Chaoyang Luxury Property Concept Interior Design have both been recognized with the prestigious Platinum Winner award. Additionally, our Meizhou Jiaying University Zilin College and Beijing Chaoyang Hopson One Landscape Renovation Concept Design have been honoured with the Gold Winner.

Jumbo Globe’s outstanding architectureinterior design, and landscape design projects have once again demonstrated our design strength on the global stage. We are proud to announce that in the first two rounds of judging for the 2023 MUSE Design Awards, we were honoured with a total of three Platinum Awards and five Gold Awards. We extend our warmest congratulations to all of our exceptional design teams for their remarkable accomplishments!

Chengdu Tianfu Mixed-use Project

Jumbo Globe’s architecture design team has incorporated the natural terrain of Chengdu to create buildings with dynamic and diverse forms that blend seamlessly with the environment. The entire space is designed to lead traffic towards a central open area where a commercial street and large shopping mall come together to offer a unique “experiential commerce” model. The connecting bridge platform seamlessly links the commercial blocks with the mall while the “Vitality Ecological Belt” in the central open space enhances the commercial atmosphere and provides diverse shopping experiences.

Beijing Chaoyang Luxury Property Project

The luxury property project is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The design inspiration is to bring the unique garden art of the North into indoor spaces. The overall style extracts the essence of northern Chinese gardens, and through the careful combination of different elements, the design is full of rich details, balancing elegance and simplicity. The aim is to create a comfortable, elegant, and spacious high-end living space for clients in the busy and vibrant life of Beijing.

Meizhou Jiaying University Zilin College

The project site is a hilly terrain with surrounding excellent natural conditions, clean mountains and water, and abundant vegetation. The area boasts a rich cultural heritage, blending the traditions of the Hakka and Chaoshan people, and is home to unique ethnic groups and cultural landmarks. Our design team draws on the concept of “Lóng Fèng Chéng Xiáng” (龙凤呈祥), a traditional Chinese cultural symbol representing auspiciousness, to create a comprehensive layout that fully utilizes the site’s natural undulations, with water as the dragon and mountain as the phoenix, surrounded by auspicious clouds.

The cultural landscape of the site is displayed through a vertical axis landscape, named “Tongwen Axis”, which refers to the unique texture of the landscape created by garden paths, plants, and water systems. Zilin College has both a rich spiritual heritage and a modern feel. The design achieves a harmonious combination of form and concept in both adapting to the local conditions and guiding the development of the project, as well as in the education and personal growth of students.

Beijing Chaoyang Hopson One Landscape Renovation

Built in 2017, Beijing Chaoyang Hopson One is a mixed-use complex situated at the junction of two major metro lines in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. As one of the most prominent shopping centres in Shuangjing Subdistrict, Hopson One is soon to undergo renovation with new uses that will accelerate local development plans for the digital economy ecosystem, creating a “metaverse community” that seamlessly blends physical and virtual reality. Jumbo Globe’s futuristic concepts and innovative design will play a key role in shaping the future of Shuangjing Subdistrict by introducing new application scenarios and providing an innovative and sustainable solution for the commercial landscape renovation project. JG’s solution caters to the needs of subdistrict development, shopping centre repositioning, and residents in Shuangjing Subdistrict. It also reinforces and supports the local government’s development plan to build a Digital Community, boosting the digital economy development and revitalizing the subdistrict and commercial centre.

About MUSE Design Awards

MUSE Design Awards is an international creative award that honors outstanding achievements. With strict evaluation criteria, this award recognizes individuals and companies who exhibit exceptional performance through excellent design and creativity. The judging panel of the MUSE Design Awards is composed of top design experts and industry professionals from around the world. It is an important platform for showcasing innovation and creativity, bringing extensive international exposure and media attention to the winners.

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