Guangzhou Residential Project Landscape Design

Guangzhou Zengcheng is a place well-known for growing Lychee. It is located on a tributary of the Pearl River and is one of the places where lychee is cultivated in the accent of China. In the Tang Dynasty, It is one of the seven important pathways to the capital city and it was used to be the major path to transport lychees to the palace. The lychee tree is an evergreen plant, with a strong vitality and bright red fruit, which means good luck and prosperity.

“A curvy stretch of river is green and lychee is red on both sides.” The designer uses water and lychee as the main theme and design language in this project, combining the local culture and living community. Introducing diverse landscape areas and installation with rich colors. It is used green plants as the outer skin, fruit flesh as soft scenery, and fruit seeds as installations for spatial interpretation. 

Location : Guangzhou
Project Type : Residential
Site Area : 203,065m²
Service : Landscape Design
Status : To be construction
Completion : Q4 2023

The master plan is divided into two major areas. In the central lawn area, a waterscape surrounds the major features and the playground, and different heights of the terrace are used to create an artificial river. In addition, greenery features and large outdoor installations, the central activity area is also equipped with interactive water features. The north side of the site is connected with Hushan International Phase VIII, and there is an orchard and urban farm area, which adds vitality to the community and provides a place for the family to spend time together.

JG Design

▼ Central Lawn Area

▼ Typical Tower Entrance 

JG Design

Outside the entrance of each residential building, the paves in the shape of a pathway lead the residents home, and the design language and themes are integrated into it, and the appearance of lychee fruit is presented in the landscape design.

▼ Main Entry Gateway 

JG Design

A main entrance landscape pavilion made of off-white aluminum perforated panels and rose gold galvanized steel brackets which to create a high-end residential entrance. In Chinese Fengshui, the mountain is good for the family and water is a symbol of good fortune. We used a minimalist way to put the waterscape installation of mountain shape in the entrance which means peace and prosperity.

▼ Orchard Leisure Zone 

Orchard leisure zone is a place for parent-child planting, mainly planting local plants such as lychees, lemons, and orange trees. There is an observation bridge next to it connecting the Hushan International Phase VIII.

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