Hong Kong Studio Open Day

Recently, over 20 students from Hong Kong Design Institute Higher diploma in Landscape Architecture course visited Jumbo Globe Hong Kong Studio for an enriching tour and learning experience. The students gained a deep understanding of the design industry and engaged in interactive exchanges with professional designers, expressing their appreciation for the valuable experience.

During the visit, Mr. Alex Chang, Associate Director – Urban Design and Landscape Design of Jumbo Globe Hong Kong, and Mr. Ryan Poon, our landscape designer, engaged in in-depth professional discussions with the students. They showcased Jumbo Globe’s professional practices and design achievements, exploring design principles and concepts, patiently answering students’ questions, and sharing their accumulated experience and challenges they have encountered in real projects.       

The students displayed great enthusiasm and actively participated in the discussions. This interactive exchange provided them with valuable learning opportunities, helping them better understand and apply the knowledge they have acquired, while inspiring and empowering them in their professional studies and career development.

Jumbo Globe, upholding its corporate social responsibility, has long been committed to nurturing the next generation of outstanding design talents. By fostering exchanges and collaborations between academia and industry, Jumbo Globe continuously provides students with various learning opportunities and practical platforms through events like the Open Day and internship programs. These efforts contribute to the inheritance and development of the design industry.

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved – Jumbo Globe Limited  |  Privacy Policy