Retail architecture expert sharing

Thank you, Chin Yong Ng (CY), top retail designer in Hong Kong with over 17 years of architectural experience throughout China and South East Asia, for the amazing sharing with us.

CY shared comprehensive design experience and inspiration with us. Shops and mall today are plagued by challenges. E-commerce websites are turning to trends, leaving many shopping outlets to cope with declining profits. Retail architecture can be used to turn this around. Considering the balance between customers and the shop owners experience.

A good design of physical retail store is a good way to show the brand identity. Digitally-savvy, customer-centric experiential shopping malls are well poised to stand out in today’s competitive market. To help make this a reality, though, architects and designers need to step back from the drawing board and immerse themselves in the socio-economic issues driving this need for change.

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