Haizhu District Shopping Mall

Haizhu District in Guangzhou was a weaving industrial city, and now it becomes one of the advanced cities in China. The idea comes from the shape and form of fabric integrated with the scenes of future. We aim to renovate the mall into a new landmark with lifestyle. Metal streamlined façade with outdoor lighting effect intimate the optical fiber data transmitting. The iconic canopy with waved LED monitor at the main entrance turn the mall into a future avenue.  To express the dynamics of the mall, terraces are designed for accommodating open bars and restaurants. Comprehensive shopping experience aims to build a place that attract variety shoppers and increase their stay time.

Location : Guangzhou
Project Type : Commercial
GFA : 12,000m²
Site Area : 58,300m²
Service : Architecture
Phase : Construction to be commenced
Appointment : 2021
Completion : Q1 2025

▼ Main Entrance

▼ West Entrance

Household customers often come from the west entrance is the according to big data analysis. Thus, the Winter Garden is built for family gathering. It is extended from the main body of the mall. The original open plaza is now designed a sphere glasshouse with mental arched stents.

▼ The Winter Garden

Inside the Winter Garden, it contains lots of plants and greenery and man-made water fall. The interior of a glasshouse exposes to sunlight formed a comfortable atmosphere. Semi-open catering area fit for any weather, customers can take a break, enjoy the sunlight and a cup of coffee at the Winter Garden.  

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