Regal Villa

Located in the Tianhe district, the core of Guangzhou, it is the transportation hub connecting the Guangdong Province. In addition, the project is well-equipped with community facilities including four different size parks, football fields, track and field fields, equestrian fields, archery fields, baseball fields, softball fields, hockey fields, etc.

The design shape will focus on the hierarchy of the building, and use the plasticity of the aluminum plate to depict the tension between the floors. smooth glass curtain wall and curved aluminum-plastic panels are material forms with strong contrast. The overlapping and patchwork produced by the combination of the two phases further deepen the level of the building, showing the soft and delicate hem of the evening dress Fold down. In the plan change, the functionality of the south balcony will be retained, and the main arc generated by the facade is placed on the east and west sides, giving the gap between the building a spatial artistic conception like flowing water. Diagonal geometric lines branch out from each floor to drive the line of sight around the entire building. The modern abstract soft lines are like a graceful girl dancing in a noble dress at a cocktail party.

Location : Guangzhou
Project Type : Residential
GFA : 148,000m²
Site Area : 152,922m²
Service : Architecture
Status : To be construction
Completion : Q4 2022 

▼ Façade Design

▼ High-rise Building

▼ Balcony Design

Based on the initial mass, the design defined two edges representing the slab edge and glazing edge. Creating a diagonal cope to connect the primary layer, then cut out space for the balcony and windows for views. The intersection points of the two edges share the same tangent, which makes a harmonious creation of the balcony with the dynamic form of the architecture.

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