Zengcheng Hopson One

LOCATION: GuangZhou, China

SERVICE: Façade Renovation

YEAR: 2024

Zengcheng Hopson One III integrates cultural tourism with scenario-based commerce to create an emerging business model for the future. By combining ecology, sports, lifestyle, and art, it breaks free from traditional commercial layouts and establishes a high-quality immersive experiential commerce, creating a trendy micro-vacation destination. At the same time, it responds to the development of a park city, integrating new scenes of park life with new green ecological concepts, exploring urban culture, prioritizing social interaction over commerce, catering to the consumption patterns of Generation Z, and creating a youthful and trendy entertainment center.

The new facade of Phase III is designed with the concept of “a three-dimensional landscape scroll unfolding on the urban interface.” The architectural facade gradually transitions from delicate and upright to soft and comfortable, creating a new commercial space in Zengcheng that is deeply connected to the high-quality lifestyle of the eastern part of the city. The ground floor is elevated and integrated with the park to create an immersive outdoor living experience. Special outdoor artistic terraces are set on both the eastern and western sides, combined with rooftop spaces to create landscape leisure areas. In addition, installation artwork, especially IPs, and decorative advertisements are incorporated to enhance the immersive IP experience and artistic sense within the environment.

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved – Jumbo Globe Limited  |  Privacy Policy