Guangzhou Residential ProjectⅠ

Located in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, it is aimed to build a middle-class community in the city. The concept of the interior design comes the combination of the streamlined of the façade and Bauhinia We bring the shape and softness of the petal into the interior. The blossoming Bauhinia is even more vivid and elegant in the green.

The curvaceous beauty of the Bauhinia will bring a soft, comfortable and tranquil into the indoor atmosphere. Enjoying the mood and comfort brought by the nature, just like living in a bloom in the fairy tales. The curve of the petal extends to the finishes and the furniture and wreathes the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Like a blooming Bauhinia, the design symbolizes growing stronger and full of vitality.

Location : Guangzhou
Project Type : Residential
GFA : 150m²
Service : Interior Design
Status : To be construction
Completion : Q3 2022

The unique streamline design, like the flowers in nature, forms an organic and dynamic interior atmosphere. The boundless lines outline a strong spacious sense, and can also express the character and tension of the design. This continuous curved surface contains various functions, for instance giving soul, freedom and uniqueness to each area, and expressing the design language into the space.

▼ Living Room

▼ Master Bedroom

▼ Master bathroom

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