Eco-Friendly Office Spaces

Green office minimizes its impact on the environment while achieving the required purposes and comfort levels. As society demands greater environmental responsiveness from corporations, we try the whole bag of tricks to meet expectation of the corporate social responsibility.

Layout and design of office spaces have a significant impact on boosting office productivity

A break-out space can be incorporated in the office layout by having an area that is separated from the usual working area. This break-out space can be placed where staff can hold their informal meetings, have their lunch, relax and socialize. Appropriate use and choice of interior layout, spatial design finishes and furniture, color, lighting etc. help to create a pleasant work environment to enhance productivity and well-being of our staff.

Also motion detectors and energy saving system are installed in the meeting rooms and break-out-space, redundant electrical appliances will be entered energy save mode or switched off. Incorporate ergonomics into design considerations to ensure the workspace is healthy and safe for staff.

“Plants have the ability to directly bring green, living nature into the indoor environment,”

Biophilic design holds that natural environments evoke in humans a different response than urban environments. They give us inspiration and a sense of being away; feeling relaxed, tranquil, and simply existing. And when introduced to sterile environments, natural elements can help in mental recovery and stress relief.

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