Beijing Hopson One Office

Located in one of the busiest CBDs in the world, with multiple high-end business districts, The interior area size over 6,580 square meters.

The interior design is to make good use of space. Since fixed working desks are no longer the mainstream choice, the addition of a large number of flexible desks and shared spaces will also help to increase capacity and productivity. Our designers choose materials and furniture to plan the overall atmosphere, and make good use of the height of the space to add a mezzanine, and connect through internal stairs, creating extra space. The renovated interior space can accommodate hundreds of employees at the same time, and there are also several different special-purpose rooms, including a 50-person training room, a 40-person conference room, a VIP reception room, and a design reference display room.

For the interior design style, the designer injects a sense of futuristic high-tech, and the material selection uses plain-colored stone to create a simple and futuristic sense. 

Location : Beijing
Project Type : Office
Internal Area : 6580m²
Service : Interior Design
Status : Under Construction
Completion : Q4 2022

▼Open Workspace

▼ Pantry

The design team considers the client needs, the utilization rate of office space, and increasing the high capacity of the office is the main goal of this design. Since the floor space is sufficient, it provides the possibility for the design of the mezzanine space, thus effectively increasing the capacity of the office. The material and color of the walls are matched with simple and clean lines and comfortable tones, reflecting the design style of simple and elegant office space.

▼Meeting Room

▼ Greeting Area

▼ Conference Room

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