Ancient Tree Civilization and Residence Future International Architecture

The concept of “3 scales 2 dimensions” is about the co-living of trees and human and enlightenment in Buddhism (Bondi). In the L-scale which focuses on the trees more, the design in response to the surrounding ancient trees at the site imitates the form of tree crown to create the ambience of mediation for mindfulness as well as Buddhism Bondi awakening. For the second scale (M), it reflects the contradiction between trees and human. The buildings mimics groups of trees while it is actually surrounded by trees, therefore it creates the feel of living within and together with trees. Lastly, the third scale (S) takes human into main consideration and illustrates peaceful co-living of human and trees. The house is built without disturbing the existing tree and people live in space created around the tree. When it comes to “two dimensions”, the lower layer is for regular commercial and residential use which is more long-term. As for the upper layer, it is for tourism and more short-term function. Every scale and part of the design is connected with the bridge penetrating into the trees and architecture which can be served as touristy and screen-viewing purpose.

Location : Guangdong
Project Type : Mixed-Use
GFA : 43,000m²
Service : Architecture, Landscape design
Status : To be construction 

The educational facilities are located in the center to allow the sharing of activities between the hotels and the residents.

Subject to the specific land use, the guesthouses are designed with open views towards the group of ancient trees and waterscape for closer studies and observations.

The houses are positioned at peak of the two hills within the project boundary, providing phenomenal, unobstructed panoramic views of ancient trees and surroundings.

The wellness hotel positioned just across the bridge, the design similarities are hoping to create a unique entrance for the project.


▼ Ancient Trees Wellness Hotel 

▼ Hillside Townhouse

▼ Mountain Top Big House B

▼ Hotel Tree House Guesthouse

▼ Hotel Villa Guesthouse

▼ Hillside Villa

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