MUSE Design Award 2022

Season 1 winners for the 2022 MUSE Creative and Design Awards has been officially released by the International Awards Associate (IAA). Having received over 6,000 entries from all over the globe. For 2022 Season 1, Jumbo Globe Limited takes home the Landscape Design (Commercial Landscape) Silver Award in the competition with the Beijing Kirin Place. The work that landed them this decisive victory was created by the JG landscape team for our client.  Read More

The MUSE Design Awards is one of the world-leading award programs created to honor creative and design professionals for their excellence. It is made up of a series of competitions, which are open for participation to the world at large. These awards are hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), who aims to promote excellence in various creative and design industries by providing professionals a platform to compete against their peers. 

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