Ideal Architecture Festival 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our Huizhou Homeland Clubhouse interior design concept project has won the Best Prize – Commercial Space at the Ideal Architecture Festival 2022. Jumbo Globe has received three awards at the festival and our winning projects will be showcased at the Guangzhou Design Week. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our winning teams once again!

Beijing Design Town Innovation Centre

Inspired by the rolling mountains in Chinese painting and bionic design, our project features multiple spectacular canopies with innovative materials and technologies, builds a visual connection across buildings, creates new recreation and green space for creative professionals, and activates Design Town with more possibilities in functions and purposes.

Huizhou Homeland Clubhouse

Combining reality and imagination in space. Inspired by the myth of “Narcissus”, sinking and losing oneself in the reflection on the water’s surface. Follow the designer’s imagination and step into the mirror, entering another world that is both real and fictional, transcending the limits of time and merging the past, present, and future into a realm of reality and illusion. This design uses geometric vocabulary of circles and curves, presenting a mirrored experience of the Narcissus myth’s pond and the real and fictional world through multiple mirrors and green plants.

In the display area, curves and domes, as well as special paints, symbolize reality, while the glass circular model in the center represents non-reality, creating a dreamlike virtual reality world. Walking through the passage into the meeting space, concise curved mirrors connect the ceiling and the floor. Mirrored glass with forest illusions are designed in the walls, immersing visitors in the illusion of the myth. Finally, arriving at the VIP room is like suddenly returning to the tranquility of the forest from the illusionary forest.

About Ideal Architecture Festival

The Ideal Architecture Festival is a prestigious international competition that showcases unrealized architectural designs and their potential for revitalization. Each year, architects and designers from all over the world are invited to submit their innovative concept works. The festival recognizes the most exceptional and innovative entries, which are then awarded and exhibited during the Guangzhou Design Week. This platform offers a unique opportunity for the selected works to be actualized and brought to life.

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved – Jumbo Globe Limited  |  Privacy Policy