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HKU Workshop| Exploring the Metaverse, Jumbo Globe Shared Forward-Looking Design Ideas with Master's Students and Faculty of Urban Planning and Design

With the theme of “From Urban Design to Metaverse Architecture”, Jumbo Globe Architectural Designer Mr. Liu Yiqi shared his valuable industry insights and Jumbo Globe’s forward-looking design philosophy with a group of master’s students and faculty members at the Department of Urban Planning and Design, University of Hong Kong.

As an architectural designer at Jumbo Globe, Mr. Liu Yiqi has accumulated rich professional experience and knowledge. In the workshop, he shared his career insights in the field of architectural design with the students and faculty members. He emphasized the crucial factors for success in the workplace, such as professional competence, creativity, and teamwork. Drawing from his own experiences and case studies, Mr. Liu Yiqi inspired the students to strive for excellence and provided them with practical advice and guidance.

Additionally, Mr. Liu Yiqi introduced Jumbo Globe’s forward-looking design philosophy to the students and faculty members. As an internationally architectural design practice, Jumbo Globe has been committed to promoting innovation and development in architectural design. Mr. Liu Yiqi showcased the advanced design concepts and methods employed by Jumbo Globe in various projects, presenting the latest trends and currents in the field of architectural design. He emphasized the importance of integrating sustainable elements, intelligent technology, and human-centric care into designs to meet the future societal needs for the built environment.

One of the features of his sharing is about the metaverse. Mr. Liu showcased a video of an immersive metaverse digital design project during the workshop. The metaverse refers to a virtual digital environment that combines elements of reality and virtuality, offering new interactive and experiential possibilities. Mr. Liu demonstrated Jumbo Globe’s exploration and innovation in metaverse design to the students and professors. These projects utilize virtual reality technology and digital modeling to create unique and immersive spatial experiences, expanding the boundaries of architectural design. This stimulated the students’ interest in the future of architectural design and prompted them to consider how to incorporate the concept of the metaverse into actual projects.

Mr. Liu Yiqi’s sharing provided the students and professors with valuable learning opportunities and inspiration. The demonstration of metaverse design sparked their imagination about the future of architectural design. Jumbo Globe is always committed to fulfilling its corporate responsibility and actively promoting the development of the industry. The workshop not only strengthened the connection between the department and the industry but also laid a solid foundation for the students’ professional development and provided them with opportunities to explore and think about emerging fields.


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