IDA Awards 2022

Jumbo Globe is proud to announce that our architecture, interior design, and landscape design projects have been recognized with four Honourable Mentions at the 2022 International Design Awards (IDA). We are honored to receive this recognition and would like to thank our team and partners for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Guangzhou Haizhu Shopping Mall

Jumbo Globe’s projects stand out in the market due to our commitment to respecting local culture and incorporating sustainable design with innovative ideas. Our latest project in Haizhu District, an industrial area known for its textile and clothing production, is a prime example of this. With the Greater Bay Area plan and a new positioning strategy for the district, we aimed to create a space that links the area’s proud past with its exciting future.

Our “Fabric of the Future” concept takes this idea a step further, using the organic pattern of fabrics in the façade design to create a unique link to the area’s history. By incorporating new technology and expanding greenery, we enhanced the customer experience and transformed the space into a more welcoming, sustainable, and family-friendly leisure destination.

We are extremely proud to see how our project brings the past and the future together in a way that benefits the local community, preserving the history of the district while creating a family-friendly and sustainable architectural space. Our project is located in the heart of the district, and our pioneering concepts in technology and sustainability can inspire the local people and bring positive changes to the society, helping to preserve local cultures, educating people on sustainable design, and keeping up with the latest technology for a better future.

Guangzhou Junjing North Commercial Project

This project involves the renovation of a shopping mall in Guangzhou, China. The design concept is to provide an immersive and entertaining experience using cutting-edge technology. The renovation starts from the interior and extends to the exterior, featuring diverse scenes to captivate visitors. At the entrance, a giant LED screen serves as a gateway to the adventure that awaits inside the mall. Drawing inspiration from the movie “Avatar,” the atrium design features elements such as floating rocks and fiber optic plants to create a futuristic atmosphere that evokes the magical world of Pandora.

The overall adjustment of the street block on the ground floor provides a brand new commercial experience. The street block’s art LED media wall and dynamic building facade make the building’s appearance flexible and versatile. The street block’s setting forms an open international fashion commercial district. The forest path and High Line Park have a rich hierarchy, with added sky domes, projections, glowing dots, and LED halos, creating a technologically advanced new generation of fluorescent forests.

Beijing Hopson One Renovation

Completed in 2017, Hopson One is a mixed-use complex situated at the intersection of two major subway lines in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. Jumbo Globe’s team developed an innovative solution to address multiple issues that had arisen due to the rapid development of the city, while also catering to the increasing need for retail space expansion and creating an exciting new positioning strategy for the shopping centre.

Jumbo Globe’s creative zoning strategy successfully directs customers from two major subway exits and several drop-off points into two customer flow circulations that encircle the mall. The first circulation extends from the original outdoor customer flow and features an expanded restaurant seating area, interactive installations, outdoor retail spaces for pop-up events, and more, all aimed at enhancing the customer experience and creating additional value for the client.

The second circulation, newly created around the office tower, directs customers from the drop-off point on the main street or through the newly designed corridor into a new outdoor market zone, which was previously part of the outdoor parking area. This approach further optimizes the customer flow and creates new opportunities for both customers and the client.

Beijing Wangjing Hopson Kirin Place Renovation

Located in Wangjing Subdistrict, Beijing Wangjing Hopson Kirin Place is a prominent mixed-use development situated in the northeast of central Beijing. It is considered the second CBD of the city, along with other major mixed-use developments such as Wangjing Soho and Posco Centre. This self-contained and multifunctional urban area offers diversified living, shopping, and dining experiences, shaping the city’s new convergence hub for global business.

In response to the client’s needs and the government’s latest development strategy, the “Star Chain” concept was introduced to strengthen the Wangjing business circle. As one of the core stars of the Star Chain, Beijing Wangjing Hopson Kirin Place is committed to playing a key role in four areas: Environment, Culture, Technology, and Digital Economy, aligning with the client’s goals and the government’s vision for the area’s development.

The renovation concept design is themed around “Dynamic Square.” Through the combination of bright colors and lines, it creates a visually rich and vibrant square space, connecting the south entrance, east entrance, and north entrance of the commercial area, highlighting the overall image of the business. The newly added skateboard and outdoor dining areas effectively utilize the east commercial area and create a more diverse commercial experience. The skateboard and roller-skating facilities are integrated into the square design, which can attract young consumers from nearby universities. The square platform will cover the existing flower pond and extend it. By increasing the outdoor seating area and designing multiple platforms, the square becomes more open and friendly, creating a more intimate and pleasant atmosphere and increasing the value of the dining area.

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