Beijing Hopson Plaza Underground Shopping Street

The underground shopping street uses the taste of old Beijing and lifestyle as the main theme of the design. We bring the old Beijing ally into an indoor space, allowing people to experience the culture of it again. The shopping street equipped with a food court with the old Beijing style foods. With the foods, shops and the atmosphere, people can feel the taste of Beijing.

Location : Beijing
Project Type : Shopping Mall
GFA : 3,400m²
Service : Interior Design
Status : To be construction
Completion : Q4 2022

▼ Showcase Area

JG Design

▼ Escalator to B1

▼ Foodcourt

People come to Beijing for a better career from other cities. They brought their traditional food and culture here. In the good old time, people share their hometown food and receipt with their neighbors in the alley. There is almost no privacy in a courtyard but the simplicity and harmony make up the place. The designer brought this mood into the design and integrated the feelings of old Beijing into the underground shopping street.

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